SevenStars has been made at the end of 2016 just by accident. I really needed to find out how can I build my car the most stylish way possible for resonable money. I found out that the only way is looking up for parts in Japan. It was cheap to buy things back then, really!!


JDM market has changed. Now it's hard to say that being 100% OG can be cheap, but still it is possible to build your own car using some of the OG details. It can take longer, but it's worth it!!! 

I'm here to help you!!

You can text or call us for any help around Japanese market. We can help you to import cars, small parts or big ones like bodykits, engines etc. There's plenty of possible ways to ship. National Post, DHL, Fedex or even containers. 

We work with some of Japanese exporters daily and we can arrange for you good prices for new or used parts. 

We work daily with HKS, HKB Sports, Zoom, KAZE, Izanami and many more.

Please, check out our products. We have plenty of parts or our brand stickers at the inventory. We can arrange shipping worldwide. 

Don't hesitate to ask any questions, xx