FIRMA HANDLOWO USŁUGOWA SevenStars Damian Szczegielniak
ul. Harcerska 21/7B 
75-073 Koszalin
NIP: 6692551988
REGON: 382582486

Main residence city: Wrocław, Poland

[email protected]

Shipping costs:


For Polish Customers:

InPost, Paczkomat - 16,99pln each size of package.
DHL/DPD - 25pln
Kurier InPost - 20pln

European Union

Priority Mail - 20pln
DHL/DPD - 75pln

Europe outside excluding UK 

Priority Mail - 40pln

Everywhere else

Priority mail - 60pln

Q. When will my order be dispatched?

A. All orders are processed & dispatched between Monday-Friday, depending what time your order is placed. To ensure your order has been processed and ready for shipping you will receive a confirmation email. 

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. For orders outside Poland, there's no easy way for refund, but in special situations please contact us and we'll try to figure out the best way possible for you. For Polish customers, you can return your order within 14 days from the date of purchase. For more details please contact us directly

Q: My order came to me damaged - what can I do?

A: In this case, immediately contact us via e-mail or phone number, we'll reach solution for you. 

Your patience and & support is apprecieated - I'm one man army and working on this business for you after my 9-5 office hours. Love, passion and inspiration to make it all is endless, especially when my work can make you all happy. Thanks for everything, with love!


Please, enjoy the ride!